BledCom: Introduction, Keynote

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(This post is part of the series BledBlog, blogged live from BledCom 2008)

Just made it – directly driving to Bled from Vienna I was just 5 minutes late. Due to a lack of parking lots here …

Important notice: I will more or less quote the speakers of this conference here. If I want to express my personal view of a topic, I will start the paragraph with „My opinion“.

Well, the conference is already on it’s way. The keynote speaker, Anne Lise Kjaer, just started her presentation. About „future thinking“. Her topic is „Society Trends 2015+„.

(I am a little concerned – my laptop will run out of power … haven’t found electricity nearby yet.)

Well, in order to get to the future, Anne Lise started with the past … the last 50 years as era of consumerism – „emotional consumption“. Right now, she sees two trends: budget consumption along with transparency and ethics at the same time. The quest for happiness is one very strong drive for us (as consumers).

Future marketing/communication strategies of companies will cover the whole brain, i.e. address the right and left brain equally.

Trend Atlas
: Demography is something we have to move away from. Other dimensions are becoming more important: scientific, social, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Many signs of change like convergence technology, co-creation, glocalization. People react differntly: Some building walls, some making windows. There are so many communication tools now that empower the individuals. Strong developments: Social Networks (co-creation) like Wikipedia, Blogger, YouTube. People want co-creation and personal interaction. YouTube is one of the best examples for that. Glocalization: Globalization is not everything, along with it local values become more attractive again.

More trends/changes: Power economies – emerging economies and rapidly growing middle class. Convenience culture – people are fast and efficient in work and want compensation for that in their spare time. This also includes a demand for authenticity and health & wellness (very strong trend).

All those trends show a polarized society – sharing lifestyles and value sets across conventional borders (tomorrow’s people). Anne Liese identifies We-people (gatherers) and the Me-people (hunters).

4 key consumer messages: „meaningful“ and „empowering“ directed towards Me-people and „ethical“ and „interactive“ directed towards We-people.

My opinion: I think, this model for marketing and communication is quite impressive. I am not sure, if people are always me- or we-people but I personally agree with these key messages. I think these are important messages.

(Anne Liese jsut mentioned a project in London by a person from Iceland about „meaning“. But I missed the point of it … anyway I would be interested in seeing it.)

Anne Liese’s summary: you have „to feel“ instead of „to know“ to reach tomorrow’s people.

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