Fads in Marketing and Public Relations (Panel 1)

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(This post is part of the series BledBlog, blogged live from BledCom 2008)

chaired by Dejan Verčič. With Sašo Dimitrievski, Francesco Lurati and Simon Torp.

There’s a short break before this next session. So I have the chance to describe the setting of this conference. The room is a little strange because of its shape. There are just 6 rows of tables for the participants, but about 24 people fit in one row. Thus, we also have 2 screens. There are more people here than I had expected, I would say around 120. Many seem to be scholars, but I reckon there are quite some professional PR guys present as well.


OK, the panel has started …

Sašo: will concentrate on Social Media Marketing.

Fads vs. trends: A trend lives for a longer time, fads are short-lived. Trends have deeper cultural roots and are mainstream. Fads are taken up by small groups and can easyly be transferred to other groups.

Web 2.0 is good tool to spot trends.

New 4P’s of marketing: Personalization, Participation, Peer-to-Peer and Predictive Modeling.

My opinion: up until now, I don’t really get the point of Sašo … I guess he is trying to tell us way too much of his thoughts in too little time. So it’s all a little hectic.

New marketing funnel: due to Web 2.0 (friends‘ recommendations, etc.).

BledCom audience

Sašo is now talking about Cannes 08 fads … his own favorite fads: meaningful experiences, engagement, cross-channel integration and Social Media. Social Media is already a trend in marketing.

We’re watching some funny YouTube videos now … what people made out of a Bud-video. The last video was an Obama video, probably produced by Obama’s team. It has a lot more views than the original Bud video. Obama is much more present in blogs and in Twitter than Clinton.


Now, Francesco started his presentation on Public Relations and Corporate Communications – called „Corporate Communication(s) as Fad(s)„. The terms „PR“ and „Corporate Communications“ are used interchangeably. But are they the same?

Characteristics of Corporate Communications: has a focus on bias (external, internal), measurement, multi-functionality, alignment.

It’s the task of Corporate Communications to explore and protect the cultural roots of a company in order to be able to change anything else. It is important to believe in something and not to hyper-adapt.

-> a fad? no, but a long mapping process. People from PR, advertising, organization, marketing, strategy are working together, contributing in different ways, but aiming at the same target (which has many different names). Common ground is corporate communications (Francesco showed a definition). He concludes by saing CC is not a fad but a reality.


Simon, on „Is I(M)C a Fad?

(I didn’t blog this presentation.)


Discussion about the terms/concepts of PR, Marketing, Integrated (Marketing) Communications, Public Affairs and Corporate Communications, etc. and why there’s always a debate about what terminology to use. There seems to be agreement that there is one common goal to all these concepts, but different perspectives e.g. the relationship perspective of PR.

My opinion: Oh my god, still the same discussion? I remember that from university (Communication Sciences at the University of Vienna) in the early 90s. I do have the impression that PR people always have the feeling that they have to „defend“ their profession/discipline against Marketing people. I just don’t get why? (I am a PR person myself, I would say, but don’t feel I have to defend or justify anything).

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