The Marketing PR Revolution: Progression, Regression or Digression? (Panel 2)

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(This post is part of the series BledBlog, blogged live from BledCom 2008)

to follow after the lunch break from 14:15. Looking forward to that.

chaired by Dubravka Sinčić Ćorić. With Maja Makovec Brenčič, Larissa Grunig, Danny Moss.

Maja will start with the topic „PR as a forefront of integral marketing approach: do firms understand its role?“

The more we move toward the real customer orientation the more the stand of PR grows. Increasing marketing sophistication means a shift from product orientation to sales orientation, to marketing and to customer/market orientation. PR values play a key role in this context.

An illustration: Gorenje in France. PR values proved to be valuable for – in the end – increasing sales. What the firm really believes in is finally valued at the market. Integrated communications, including PR, is a major driver for success.


Public Relations as a Strategic Consulting Function, Larissa Grunig.

PR deals with „herds“, groups, publics. They all matter – and their relationships.

Now, Larissa will concentrate on the organizational aspects of PR, where in the organization this function should be located: close to the key decision-makers. PR is an umbrella type of function that shall not be subordinated to other departments. PR departments should be structured horizontally to reflect strategic publics. These are the results of the Excellence Study.

It does not make a difference if PR and Marketing are located in one or separate departments and what size of budgets they have. The ideal scenario is that management equally and heavily supports both functions.

25 qualitative case studies: Excellence was affected negatively if PR was subordinated to Marketing.

Hunter on Fortune 500 firms: PR & Marketing work together well and do not compete.

GAP Studies from USC: results mirror those from Excellence Study: PR function is more successful id it directly reports to C-Suite. Including public relations in organizational strategic management is crucial.

Dubravka Sinčić Ćorić, Larissa Grunig, Danny Moss

Marketing and Public Relations: Challenging the stereotype; re-examining evidence of conflict and collaboration, Danny Moss

Danny starts by pointing out some stereotypical views about marketing and PR. In the 1990s marketing attempted to reinvent itself – MPR-CPR, IMC concelt, relationship marketing. All these efforts tried to challenge the position of PR. Reasons: power-control / strategic choice perspective and contingency perspectives.

Evidence-based perspective: in many organizations a flexible, balanced relationship becomes evident; not integration but cooperation. There is a lot of evidence for close collaboration between marketing, advertising. There is little hostility between these functions. Web based communication (impact of new technologis) has a huge impact on all of these functions.


Discussion: The question „who does the PR function report to“ proved to be crucial in the US-studies and remains to be researched in Europe (Gap 6 will be international). Integration of PR with functions like HR, Finance, Law do not work (qualitative research from the US).

(there was a lot of discussion here that I didn’t blog)

PR perception and its relationship with marketing depends a lot on how we (the scholars) define PR. PR value does not only come from media and publicity – but from relationship and economic input. It is important to define it that way – that is an important perspective to cinsider (Yi-Hui Huang).

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