Competitive paper session 1

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(This post is part of the series BledBlog, blogged live from BledCom 2008)

chaired by Jon White.


Graeme Sterne on PR among the functions of management: A New Zealand Perspective.

Where does PR sit in NZ? Depends on the type of the company. 80% of companies in NZ are SME. This research is based on 20% of „big“ companies:

  • 20% PR reports to Marketing (Marketing PR = publicity)
  • 27% have no PR, CEO does it (they call it communications)
  • 37% alongside and under Marketing
  • 16% independent, overlapping (working together with Marketing)


Yuna Rhee on „Organizational Culture and Public Relations: Testing the Competing Values Model (CVM) and Employee Communication Strategies (ECS) Model in Korea

In this paper Yuna Rhee focusses on measuring organizational culture in order to find out what effects it has on PR and how it interacts with PR. The Competing Values Model (CVM) and Employee Communication Strategies (ECS) are the theoretical background and used for measurement.

(This presentation is very fast – too fast to be blogged. However, quite interesting for me!)


Elsamari Coetzee on „Exploratory study on the relationship between communication and marketing practitioners in South Africa“

Focus of the exploratory study: Perceptions of key marketing and communication practioners in South Africa regarding the relationship between marketing and communication: 50% say that marketing and communications are completely integrated, 25% say they are distinct functions but there is a lot of cooperation, 25% say that these functions are completely separate.

Ronel Rensburg on „A successful relationship between marketing and communication management: the story of a South African academic department“

University of Pretoria, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, School of Management Sciences: Department of Marketing and Communication Management (found in 1994). This presentation is a presentation of the department and its context within the university and the society in South Africa.


Maria Aparecida Ferrari: „An overview of Public Relations in Latin America“

Study of 10 countries, 182 million speak Spanisch, 189 million Potuguese. These languages are a cultural barrier in Latin America (lack of integration). PR first appeared in Brazil in 1950, in most other countries 30 years later. Big influence of censorships and dictatorships in all countries. Also economy (which is linked to politics) is an important factor, as well as culture. There are more and more PR programs in universities. There is a strong influence of foreign PR (theories from the US, less from Europe).


Discussion: Larissa Grunig asks, if PR is able to or should change culture. Yuna Rhee thinks that this can be achieved although this is hardly possible yet.

How top managers view PR (Graeme Sterne): For PR practitioners it is absolutely necessary to learn how to communiate with senior managers and how to get the message of the value of PR across. The C-Suite, generally speaking, are still not aware of the value of communications. A lot of bridging work between scholars and practitioners reamains to be done (Yuna Rhee). Same applies for South Africa, says Maria Ferrari.

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Public Relations Metrics: Reasearch and Analysis (Book Presentation) Competitive paper session 2

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