Competitive paper session 2

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chaired by Ronel Rensburg.

Before this, there is an announcement of Euprera 2008 Congress in Milan, from 16 to 18 October.


Ralph Tench and Paul Willis: „The Truman Show: creativity, deception or ethical malpractice – a critique of marketing public relations and guerrilla campaigns“

PR is increasingly being used as support for marketing. New media and technology are challenging traditional marketing, especially through changing media consumption and more options for taking an active role in new media. Consumer behaviour is changing, too (saturation, word-of-mouth [WOM] becoming more important).

WOM has long been a key attribute of PR – this is a potential for PR in the marketing mix and requires a lot of creativity and innovation. Guerilla campaigns are increasingly being delivered by PR people. Characteristics of guerilla marketing: street focussed engagements, unconventional & irreverent (tactics ase anti-corporate in character), brand camouflage.

Case: Diageo

My opinion: This presentation is certainly a marketing presentation – interesting, but I cannot see the connection to PR as I define it. Well, guerilla marketing has a relationship aspect, but I think guerilla marketing doesn’t engage in ongoing relationships, in the development of relationships over time.


Brian G. Smith on „Representing PR in the Marketing Mix – A Study on Public Relations Variables – Marketing Mix Modelling
The holy grail for PR is measurement – this is being done in a markting mix model. The marketing mix model links variables to sales and other outcomes. Outcomes being measuerd: Media variables (e.g. number of press releases), impressions (e.g. page impressions of websites), environment (e.g. seasonal variables, trends, regulations), consumer engagement. Conclusion: MMM is a promoter of PR values.

My opinion: There’s a little of everything in this presentation, but there’s absolutely no in-depth analysis of the relationship marketing-PR or leitmotif I can follow.


Dejan Verčič and Kristina Laco on „Comparing advertising and editorials: An experimental study in TV and print“

Recently, there are many assumptions that below-the-line activities are more effective than above-the-line and budgets are being shifted towards below-the-line.

Variables of the study (experiment comparing advertising and editorial): credibility, behavioral intentions, attitude. 4 types of communcation (print ad, print editorial, TV ad, TV editorial).

Results: Credibility was not significantly higher in editorials than ads (TV and print). The same is true for behavioral intentions and attitude. But: TV was significantly more powerful than print.


Donald Wright on „Public Relations Education at the Crossroads: Global Questions and Concerns“

Problems in quality of PR education in the US: too many students, only 10-15% of the graduates are being hired in PR and communications, universites make huge profits but aren’t using these profits for the quality of programs, unhelathy balance btw theoretical and practical, outdated course materials, top-rated PR programs are at smaller, regional institutions, most PR education remains part of journalism schools, […], most PR education is undergraduate, lack of reaserch agendas, […]

International implications: similar problems exist in other countries, but there are unique problems in other countries on top of that.



Larissa Grunig had a similar impression as me on the first presentation about guerilla campaigns 😉 The reply is that PR people are carrying out these activities (my opinion: this is really a weak, well off-topic argument). There is discussion about this kind of tactics being not ethical (due to brand camouflage).

(the discussion here is very lively, I follow it and thus cannot blog everything)

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