Competitive paper session 3

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(This post is part of the series BledBlog, blogged live from BledCom 2008)

chaired by Danny Moss.


Lynette M. McDonald: „Identity crisis: the changing functions of public relations“

The erosion of PR functions: they are being stolen by Marketing (e.g. relationship marketing) and management (e.g. stakeholder relations), i.e. being integrated into those areas.

3 functions of PR: communication, relationship management and strategic management.

  • Communication: PR has evolved into corporate communications – focus on the communication aspect.
  • Relationship building: recent theoretical shift to using communication for building relationships
  • strategic management: practitioners can become part of a company’s dominant coalition by taking part in strategic planning.

PR practitioners can gain access to the dominant coalition by taking some of the PR functions back, e.g. by engaging in CSR.


Ursa Golob and Klement Podnar: „Public relations and marketing: discovering common perspectives on corporate social responsibility“

CSR is an imortant topic in both, marketing and PR. In PR it is mainly linked to reputation, reporting and communication practices. In marketing: consumerism, cause-related marketing, corporate giving.

Legitimacy theory and stakeholder theory are a framework for CSR in both, marketing and PR.

(I left out some of this presentation, although it was interesting)


Ganga Sasidharan: „Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing: a cause lost in frame alignment?“

In order to make CSR more attractive for NGOs, academia and business leaders, CSR had to be framed (instead of continued vagueness). This way it was embraced by corporations. „To frame“ means to select some aspects of a perceived reality, make them more salient and promote a particular problem aspect.

Frame alignment & reframing: from CSR beyond profit to CSR for profit.

Cause lost? Frame alignment was successful, but over-simplification can be dangerous.


David McKiee and Margalit Toledano „Perfect match? Public relations and social marketing“

(good presentation, but I am really tired – trying to follow instead of blogging)


Discussion: about where CSR and Social Marketing should be located in organizations: PR, Marketing, …? CSR: Discussion about dropping the „C“ – because it is an issue for all kinds of organizations.

Bye, bye Bled and BledCom 2008!

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Relationships in public relations and marketing (Panel 4) BledCom 2008 presentations & papers

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