Relationships in public relations and marketing (Panel 4)

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(This post is part of the series BledBlog, blogged live from BledCom 2008)

chaired by James Grunig. With: Yi-Hui (Christine) Huang, Zlatko Jančič, Chun-ju (Flora) Hung, Majken Schultz.

Introduction by James Grunig. Many similarities between marketing and PR; the focus of this panel will be on these 3 topics: the nature of exchange relationships, functions of PR and markeing in organizations, and concepts of relationships.

Panel 4


Yi-Hui (Christine) Huang: „An Exploratory of Study of Marketing-oriented Public Relations: A Dual Perspective“

Management perspectives vs. PR practitioners perspectives – study on how PR values are seen by these 2 different groups.

(Yi-Hui Huang presented visuals of the results which are hard to blog here … in addition, the presentation was a little bit too fast for me.)

Conclusion: activity-based perspectives and functional perspectives are not the only ones – there should be more emphasis on a value-generating perspective of PR.


Zlatko Jančič: „New Developments in Relationship Marketing“

Many changes in the marketing environment (e.g. service-centered economy) lead to a need for a second revolution. Relationship Marketing (RM) is the outcome of service and inter-organizational marketing developments. David Ogilvy was one of the first to use the term RM.

(I didn’t blog the rest of this presentation).


Chun-ju (Flora) Hung: „Types of Relationships and Cultivation Strategies Used in Public Relations and Marketing“

Transactional Marketing vs. Relationship Marketing (Chun-ju shows a table with comparisons).

(It is impossible for me to blog large parts this presentation, too. Reasons below. I think it would be best to post a link to the presentation; if it becomes available, I will do that.)

There was an interesting table highlighting the main differences btw. Relationship Management and Relationship Marketing, summarizing the results of this paper (I will try to grab hold of it).


Majken Schultz: „Brand Relationships: Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries“

3 waves of branding: marketing mindset -> corporate mindset (all functions engaged in creating the brand) -> enterprise mindset (brand is co-created by stakeholders).

In the second wave, the engagement of all the functions of organizations created problems from an overall perspective, because they had contradicting effects (and were partly fighting each other). In the third wave, companies feel threatened, because they realize they cannot control the creation of the brand anymore.

2 cases are being presented. One is Lego which recently has opened up itself to consumers – in order to co-create the brand.

Biggest challenge today is: not to divide the company between 2 groups, one which opens up itself to stakeholders and the other one which does not and still sticks to the „old school“, e.g. is strict about brand guidelines.

My opinion: This last point is really interesting – I think right now there are many organizations who experience both kinds of tendencies at the same time: Changing the corporate culture towards transparency and co-creation with stakeholders on the one hand and defending their „old way“ of doing business on the other hand.


Discussion: Distinction between Marketing & PR: Marketing chooses its customers. Public Relations has to deal with publics (and cannot choose them).


My opinion (on the whole panel): I think the topics of this pannel are very interesting and the presenters are experts. However, the presentations were disappointing from my point of view – they were not well prepared (I missed structure in most of them, they were way too complex, too many details in too little time), somehow hectic (there were massive problems with the microphone) and thus it was really hard to follow.

Entry filed under: PR-Trends.

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