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30.12.2008. at 13:37 1 Kommentar

I am writing something for work … about lawyers and blogging, and I thought part of that could be published here … actually, this is a kind of introduction to blogging for the audience of lawyers – with a few links to LawBlogs and other useful resources on the web. Please feel free to comment.

Universal McCann (PDF, 3,58 MB, published in April 2008) reports that „blogs are a mainstream media world-wide and as a collective rival any traditional media.“ The survey shows that there are 184 million active bloggers and 346 million readers of blogs worldwide. Globally, blogs have a reach of 72.8% among active internet users.

Corporate blogs (published and maintained by organizations) are used by 34% of all companies worldwide (2008, McKinsey survey on Web 2.0). There are internal blogs (on companies‘ Intranets, for employees) and external blogs (publicly available on the Internet).

JuraBlogs lists more than 200 law blogs for the German-speaking region. In the US, over 25% of the law firms have external blogs (2007, LexBlog). For European law firms I haven’t found any valid numbers, have you?

Recommended LawBlogs:

Recommended Directories and Other Resources:

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